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· Keynote speaker Dan Blair, C EO of Bit Space, “AI’s Impact on You”

· +25 post-secondary institut ions (universities, colleges, associations)

· 45 industry professio nals in a Career Café (lawyer, engineer, entrepreneur, architect, doctor, soldier, firefighter, police officer, etc.)

· YES (Youth Em ployment Services) Manitoba LIVE part-time job board

· Volunteer Ma nitoba job board

· Creative Manitoba internships in gaming, filmmak ing, music, writing

· RBC Royal Bank Job Interview Practice Centre< /p>

· Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce student voice initiative

· Many other activities

O NE-DAY ONLY: November 21, Louis Riel Arts & Technology Centre, 5:0 0 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. NO COST.

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